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Be back soon <3

You may have noticed I have been making less posts recently. Exam season is upon me at the moment, and as always I am pretty under-prepared. Because of this I probably will have to neglect my blog a little. I might still make a few posts, but I am sorry if I rarely update or don’t reply to any of your comments quickly.

See all of you in a few weeks ❀

Ami xx


Quest Accepted!: Knitting

I have decided that I really want to learn how to knit. It seems like it would be so relaxing once I got the hang of it, and then you can get something really cute and unique out of it at the end too. Me and my friends I am sharing a flat with next year have decided this will be our thing. I have already bought some knitting needles off ebay, so it’s too late to back out now.


Last time I tried to knit it ended badly though. I got so frustrated with it that I gave up and never did so much as a single stitch. (I couldn’t stop it from slipping through every time.) I’m hoping that this time I will be more co-ordinated as I am now older and out of the clumsy child stage (kind of.)


Look at these adorable cupcakes! I would be very happy if I could learn to make something like this. A plain pink scarf will probably be my first project, seems more simple than something with detail, plus it will be warm to wear.

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Princess Days!

This is a concept that I have seen on a lot of other Hime Gyaru sites. I don’t know who came up with the idea initially though :/ The idea is that you take a day to pamper yourself every other week or so. Basically do whatever you want to on that day. So I decided to try one out this weekend. ^-^


I left a hair mask on my hair all day and overnight! It feels in much better condition now. I also used a peel off face mask (Boots Own Brand, Would definitely recommend.) It got boring quite fast to be honest πŸ˜› I don’t really have much to do in my room here, it would have been amazing if I had some good films and video games. Though the day was very good for my hair πŸ˜›

I think next time I do a Princess Day I will put a bit more effort into it, like maybe going to get some fresh cupcakes and bread for lunch ^-^

*~*What would your perfect Princess day involve?*~*