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New Cute Arpakasso backpack


As the new academic year has started I thought I could treat myself to a super cute rucksack to carry notepads and stationary in. Obviously, I love Arpakasso so I found a rucksack in pink on eBay! I know lots of people are worried about ordering Arpakasso online, but I can recommend the seller I used, Rosy61987 (Shop here)


When the package arrived it was safely packed in a brown envelope. When I opened the envelope I found this. Notice the cute little free gift parcel that was attached? Little cute touches like that really make a seller seem more friendly and personal.


The cute little gifts included some matcha candy, a cute usamimi style hairband, a little pony figurine and some adorably festive halloween stickers.

Sorry if the colour balance is a little off in some of these pictures. My flat has horribly yellow lighting so I tried to edit away some of the yellow-ness so everything was a bit less orange.


I have a couple of Arpakasso, but I am by no means a hardcore collector so to be honest with you I probably couldn’t tell a fake from a real, but I haven’t heard of people receiving fakes from this seller and mine definitely did look very official so I am pretty sure it is the real deal.


This is the back of the backpack to show you what the straps are like. The whole rucksack is extremely soft and fluffy, like I could use it as a pillow in the library very happily… not that I would ever do that though πŸ˜‰

It is a little smaller than I expected, but I can still fit what I need to into it which is great. However, if you need to carry in huge heavy books then I don’t know if this would fit them easily. It’s definitely a sturdy feeling bag and all the stitching appears to be a high quality, but it doesn’t look like it is designed to hold that much weight.

I can definitely recommend both this rucksack and the seller. This is my new favourite bag!

*~*Thank you for reading! Do you have a favourite bag?*~*


Silver Pink Half Moon Nails Mini-Tutorial


For my summer ball last week I did these nails. Honestly, my dress was a strange coral pink so it didn’t really match, but they looked cool nonetheless. Both colours are so shiny it looks a bit space age to me. The half moon shape looks really modern and interesting.


To create this look I used these three nail polishes in this order. A clear coat to start, then the silver base. Next I stuck paper hole reinforcers over the bottom of my nail (to create the half moon shape) and painted over my nails with the pink coat. Then I peeled off the hole reinforcers (carefully and before the top coat fully dried) leaving me with this pattern.

I really like all three of these nail polishes actually. The two colours are really pretty and shiny, and the base coat dried quickly. The shape was really easy to create too.

*~*Hope you liked my mini tutorial*~*

Liz Lisa & My Melody Collaboration!

Liz Lisa had recently opened pre-orders on items for their collaboration with My Melody, and as expected there are some massively adorable items available! I think this release kind of overshadows their Summer 2013 collection which looks quite limited and some of the items are not shaped as well as I would like for an item that costs as much.

(Click on pictures for their source)


These are definitely my favourite of the range. I’m not quite sure why, maybe it’s because they are so unique looking and I can’t imagine finding similar ones elsewhere. The print is so cute :3 and they look extremely comfy.


A pink, comfy looking cardigan that’s also part of the range. I like how slouchy and relaxed it looks.


This make up bag is so adorable and looks like it has plenty of space to hold make up. I like bags that have enough space for everything, tiny little bags annoy me so much >.< The lace frills and my melody emblem is just so sweet.

*~*Are any of you planning to order anything?*~*

How to dress Hime Gyaru

A while ago I did a post on how to dress lolita so now I am doing one on how to dress Hime Gyaru. It’s much more difficult to do a “how to dress” for any gyaru style because part of the style is that it is supposed to be innovative and different. This means that lots of different things can be considered Gyaru. So this post is specific to Hime Gyaru (although other Gyaru styles share similar make-up, and some aspects of hair are similar too.)

Hime Gyaru is all about looking princess-like. So while obviously you do not have to stick by the recommended clothing, there are some ways you can make your co-ord more obviously Hime gyaru. This guide is intended to be used to help people just getting into the style to put together a co-ord or to get an idea of the style, not to stop other Gals from adding their own flair and developing the style further to suit them.



Or a Top and Skirt as the case may be. In general pinks, florals, lace, bows, ruffles and cute details are apparent in the dress. This gives it a more princess-like feel. Short dresses are more common than long ones, and the shape of the dress shown in the picture above lends itself easily to Hime Gyaru. Careful not to make the skirt too puffy or long or you risk looking more lolita than gyaru. Many Hime Gyaru will adopt a Hime Kaji (Casual Hime) look as it is easier to wear everyday.



Big hair is something that is very common in the gyaru look, as is using lots of hair accessories. Many Gyaru will use extensions or half wigs to make the hair bigger and longer. The idea of the hair is to make it look big, glamorous and princess-like. Though some Gyaru will have more natural hair styles.



Hime Gals tend to have very pretty shoes! I am jealous I do not have a pair of my own. Girly prints, fabric and decorations are all over Hime Gyaru feet. I think it really finishes off the outfit and ties everything all together.



Hime Gyaru tend to have very ornate nails. Cool patterns and decorations fit so well into the style. The look is very over the top. Of course if you need to use your hands it might not be convenient to get massive fake nails, well groomed short nails or cute nail art on natural nails can look just as lovely.

Β Accessories have kind of been covered with Hair and Shoes. You can also use jewellery or bags that are decorated in the Hime style (eg. Lace, Pinks, Over the top girly deocrations) and these will tie the outfit together perfectly.

Feel free to experiment with the fashion! The whole point of Gyaru is to rebel from the norm and part of that is dressing in your own style! Try to develop your own personal spin on the style!

*~*Hope you have enjoyed my guide*~*

Sunday Style Inspiration!: Lexi Doll

Todays Sunday Style Inspiration is about Lexi Doll (who has just recently changed her name from Lexi Bee). While this look isn’t really Gyaru, it is awesome and doll-like. Don’t you think it reminds you of Barbie but even pinker? Lexi is American, she is a model and she also owns her own online shop where she sells the cute things she has made. Follow her on twitter here, or on instagram here. Her shop is here for you to browse through.

I’ve followed Lexis style grow and evolve for several years now into the style she has today. I also own two vest tops from her shop and they are awesome!

Here are some pictures of her: (From her Instagram)


Lovely outfit here, and Bubbles is my favourite powerpuff girl too!


She always has such lovely hair, I’m a big fan of unnatural colour hair.


The little hearts in her make up are just adorable.


Love the cat dress :3 So cute

*~*See you next week for more style inspiration!*~*

Want: Corsets from Corsets-UK!

First I would like to apologise for my week-long absence from blogging, I have been very busy recently :/ So no time for blogging πŸ˜₯ but hopefully everything should calm down in the next week or so πŸ™‚

Ok, So I have been thinking of maybe getting a corset for a long time, years in fact. I have only really been put off by the price and the fact I have seen some girls wearing corsets that did not fit and was worried that they all looked like that on real life people (as compared to models.)

In my search, I stumbled across the website corsets-uk, which you can browse for yourself here. You can see that they have a 3 for 2 offer on, so you can save money if you have friends who also want corsets, or if you want 3 yourself. I have found 3 that I really love (though 2 are not included in the 3 for 2 offer.) Unfortunately I cannot even afford 1 at the moment due to being on a student budget near the end of term, but next term I might be able to get my first corset :3

After looking into it, I have decided I would rather invest in a steel boned corset, which means it is much more likely to give you the correct shape plus offers support. Which is very important if like me you have surpassed the bra sizes where you can go out without wearing one, since most corsets are strapless. I also want an overbust one, which should offer me support and means I do not have to wear another top underneath it.

Here are the 3 that I love. (Click to go to them in the shop)


This is my favourite by far! I love the adorable cherry pattern, and the shape looks really nice too! I could wear this with plain bottoms as the pattern is eye-catching enough. I really hope this stays in stock when I do have enough! This is definitely the one I want. It is very summery looking, and looks remarkably comfortable.


I love lace and the colour pink, so this is perfect for me! Normally I could never afford it, but right now it is half price! I hope it stays that way for a while. I think this would look perfect in an Agejo co-ord.


This is a more plain black one, so it remains more true to the victorian/gothic vibe that goes with corsets. You could wear it with so many other things and it looks so supportive :O

I really hope I can afford one of these next term! If I can then I will review it for you.

*~*What do you think of Corsets?*~*

Want! Scented Shoes by Melissa

My friend today showed me her awesome canvas shoes. They are raspberry scented! We looked really weird sniffing her shoes. But seeing hers has really made me want some scented shoes. (Hopefully some as comfy as hers)

Unfortunately I don’t think they are available where she got them from anymore. But while researching about it online I found another make that make adorable plastic shoes. They remind me of shoes I would wear as a kid, and the best bit? They smell like Bubblegum!They are by a brand called Melissa. It look like they teamed up with Vivienne Westwood at one point too.

Here are some Melissa Shoes:


This shoe is from their Vivienne Westwood collaboration. I do like the look of the chain.


I love these shoes! These are a work of art! cannot afford though πŸ˜₯

Melissa also have a “younger sister” brand. This brand is a lot more affordable, and the designs look more simple, yet childish and fun. The younger sister brand is called Mel.

Here are some of their shoes:


These shoes remind me a bit of Lolita, it’s something I can definitely see in a Sweet Loli co-ord. I can also see it in other outfits too, maybe Hime Gyaru.


These pumps look so comfy and summery! I want to wear these to a picnic in the park.


I am seriously considering getting these! They’re Β£35 at the moment. They look so comfy for heels, and the little bow is adorable.

Sorry for the absence of non-pink shoes, they do have lots of other colours too (the wedges are also in blue, white and black for example.) I just like Pink πŸ˜‰

The Images for the Melissa shoes are from this shop, and the Mel shoes are from this shop. All these shoes plus some others are available there.

I really want some of these shoes >.< Hope I can justify buying a pair soon. I love scented stuff. Unfortunately the scent does not last forever, but it should last a few months.