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Snow! <3


Fresh snow is one of the most beautiful sights to open your window to on a winter morning, it is one of the few things I like about January. However, the moment it starts to compact I quickly start wishing for it to melt away. Anyone who knows me will tell you I cannot walk on ice, at all. I do a Bambi. The idea of having to walk down a slight hill fills me with dread. I wish it would just snow but not form any ice ^-^

Aside from the slipperiness, there is also the issue of dressing for the weather. The cold and damp limits what you can wear, making choosing co-ords very tricky.


Something like this is so adorable ❀ But it’d be too worried about wearing it and messing it up in snow. Also I highly doubt that this would keep you warm enough to brave the winter πŸ˜› I would still really love this cape/poncho/coat thing though, the bunny ears are so kawaii :3 I’d just save it for spring and autumn time ❀

*~*How do you dress for Winter weather? Dare you go out in gyaru/lolita? Or does snow call for a practical clothing day?*~*