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New Cute Arpakasso backpack


As the new academic year has started I thought I could treat myself to a super cute rucksack to carry notepads and stationary in. Obviously, I love Arpakasso so I found a rucksack in pink on eBay! I know lots of people are worried about ordering Arpakasso online, but I can recommend the seller I used, Rosy61987 (Shop here)


When the package arrived it was safely packed in a brown envelope. When I opened the envelope I found this. Notice the cute little free gift parcel that was attached? Little cute touches like that really make a seller seem more friendly and personal.


The cute little gifts included some matcha candy, a cute usamimi style hairband, a little pony figurine and some adorably festive halloween stickers.

Sorry if the colour balance is a little off in some of these pictures. My flat has horribly yellow lighting so I tried to edit away some of the yellow-ness so everything was a bit less orange.


I have a couple of Arpakasso, but I am by no means a hardcore collector so to be honest with you I probably couldn’t tell a fake from a real, but I haven’t heard of people receiving fakes from this seller and mine definitely did look very official so I am pretty sure it is the real deal.


This is the back of the backpack to show you what the straps are like. The whole rucksack is extremely soft and fluffy, like I could use it as a pillow in the library very happily… not that I would ever do that though πŸ˜‰

It is a little smaller than I expected, but I can still fit what I need to into it which is great. However, if you need to carry in huge heavy books then I don’t know if this would fit them easily. It’s definitely a sturdy feeling bag and all the stitching appears to be a high quality, but it doesn’t look like it is designed to hold that much weight.

I can definitely recommend both this rucksack and the seller. This is my new favourite bag!

*~*Thank you for reading! Do you have a favourite bag?*~*


More Barry M Magnetic Nail polish!

I only intended to get an eye pencil sharpener… but I saw these on the shelf and I couldn’t resist! I just love the magnetic effect, it adds a lot of depth to the nails and just looks awesome. You can read my review on the Neptune Sea one I had before here.


I made sure that the ones I got had a different magnet shape so I could make more effects! The shades I got were Dark Silver (left) and Violet (right). The names seem a lot less imaginative than my Neptune Sea one, but still pretty colours nonetheless.


I used the wavy lines magnet for the effect (I thought it might look a bit like scales.) For some reason it seemed more difficult with both these colours to make the pattern show up. I usually wipe excess polish on the side of the bottle, but the pattern seemed to work much better when I didn’t do that, maybe that affected the distribution of magnetic particles.


As a result, painting them was quite messy. They are definitely not done at all neatly! But I still love the polish. It is very 3D looking because of the magnets effect. I used the dark silver for all my nails except my ring finger, where I used violet.Both the colours are really pretty and I would definitely get them again. I especially like the violet.


(The pattern didn’t show up as well without flash. It has to catch the light well to be obvious.)

I don’t think the violet and dark silver colours go well with each other, in future I wouldn’t mix them. But as separate colours I think they are both beautiful and I would definitely recommend them. Just be sure to clean up your nails with a cotton bud dipped in polish remover after you’ve painted them!

*~*Have you tried any of this range?*~*

New Body Shop Purchases and Seaweed Clarifying Toner Review

I was looking on Body Shop recently because I really needed to find a toner and a moisturiser with SPF in it for summer. Plus, I love Body Shop skin care products and I wanted to try another one of their mask range! (The blue corn one I got was amazing, you can read my review here.)They had an offer on where if you spend Β£60 you get 50% off, as I already had Β£30 in my basket I thought I would use this offer to get Β£30 worth of free products. (Wooo!)


This was the parcel when it arrived. I did think that they used a too much packaging which was a bit of a waste, but at least it meant that everything got here safely and it felt really fun to open, like unwrapping a present.


Here is what I got. I went for the Seaweed range for both the toner and the mask. Even though I no longer have spot-prone skin, I think the range will suit me because my skin can be quite oily and I have some large pores that I want to reduce. (Not to mention that I am incredibly paranoid that my skin will become acne-prone again.)

I decided to try the Vitamin E moisturiser with SPF, because it should moisturise my dry patches of skin without being too greasy and heavy, and it had the best reviews of any of the other SPF moisturisers.

I wanted to find a new exfoliator too, so I am trying out their Vitamin C Microdermabrasion one. It smells really nice and fresh.

I got two massagers, a facial one and a ‘SpaFit’ body one. I am hoping that using these will improve circulation and that this will help remove toxins, which should prevent wrinkles and reduce cellulite.

The green bottle is a Grape seed glossing serum, hopefully It will smooth out my hair and make it less frizzy. It did have good reviews, but nothing seems to work on my hair. If it doesn’t do that then at least it will help moisturise it and make it smell nice too.

The final thing I got was the Seaweed Clarifying toner. I haven’t used a toner in a while and I felt it was missing from my skin care routine.


This bottle cost me Β£8, I felt that this was very reasonable since you do not need to use much and it’s still good quality. I find that some products (like the anti-acne ones aimed at teenagers) make my skin clogged and mean it breaks out (ironic, no?) so I didn’t want to risk using something like that even if it is a little bit cheaper.

The toner is a clear liquid, it has a very pleasant scent and I find it’s very refreshing. I really love using it, it makes my skin feel so clean. I find that when I use it, it does make my face feel cleaner and I do think that this has made it brighter and a little less oily. It hasn’t completely got rid of the shiny oily patches, but I think that if it did that it would dry out other parts of my skin.

As for their claim that it refines pores, I don’t think that mine look any smaller. (They are stubborn though.) However, my skin does look a bit smoother in places, although I may just be imagining that.

As I no longer have spots I cannot comment on their claim that it helps clear skin. I haven’t broken out from using it so it may be worth a try. I also don’t have particularly sensitive skin so I don’t know if it would be too harsh. It does feel strong when I use it but to me that just feels like it is cleaning rather than irritating my skin. They sell small travel bottles of it for Β£3 that you could test out if you don’t want to commit to a full bottle.

I would definitely get this toner again. I think that it is good value and it definitely does add something to my face washing routine, it feels like it helps to mop up anything my cleanser left behind.

*~*Do you use any of these products in your daily routine?*~*

Review of Body Shops Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Mask

I got this a little while ago, so I have had a few more opportunities to use it now. I got this product during a body shop sale, it’s probably not something I would have usually spent my money on because I have to budget tightly but the sale offer tempted me. It’s Β£10 (when there isn’t a sale on) and you do get a big tub for that amount.


I love doing face masks and this one is really fun. It’s pale blue and it does feel like it is doing something. It contains clay to draw out impurities, corn oil to moisturise and other various essential oils.


It has quite a sweet, powdery smell to it. Very clean smelling which I like for a cleansing product. There are quite big exfoliating bits (beads? kernels? Bits of Clay? I don’t know what they are) in it which means that it does work as a good exfoliator. Though that means it may be too tough on sensitive skin or aggravate acne. Definitely only apply to wet or damp skin, if you apply to dry skin it does hurt a bit applying it as it doesn’t glide over skin as well.

It’s recommended to be used on normal/oily skin. After applying it I did feel a bit of warmth and some “sting” (not painful though.) I don’t know if that’s just me or if that happens to everyone though. You can also feel it tighten after it’s been left on a little while, which is nice as it feels like it’s working.

After washing it off, my skin did feel smoother due to the exfoliation. I did not notice any moisturising effect from it though. I do think it has helped to cleanse my skin a bit too. I would recommend this to people wanting a very good exfoliator. Though as my skin is a little more sensitive to rough exfoliation I think next time I will try another one of the Body Shops mask range, possibly the Seaweed or Honey and Oat one.

Barry M Foil Effect and Limited Edition Pink Nail Polish Review


I found the Silver Foil effect nail Polish in Boots, they had a deal going so I also got the Pink Polish for free. I think the Pink was a limited edition Christmas special colour. I really like both colours actually. They are both by Barry M.


This is what the bottles look like. The cap of the pink one is really adorable. I like how they’ve made it look more special for a limited edition colour.


Here is what each of the colours look like on. The Silver isn’t as much of a Foil effect as I hoped it might be. Looks like a lot of other Silver polishes. Still a very pretty silver colour though, and very shiny. It did dry very quickly, meaning that if the paint wasn’t applied perfectly you may end up with an odd texture on the nail.

The pink is super shimmery. The glitter in it is small enough that the nail still feels mostly smooth, hopefully meaning the cotton pad will not get stuck into it when I try to remove the polish.


Here is a picture with flash on, this means you can see how shiny the paint is better.

My nails dried really fast, reducing the smudging risk and also no fingerprints on my nails.

I can no longer find the cost of the Foil effect on Boots :/ but Barry M is usually good value, and as the Pink came free I can’t speak on the cost side of that either. The Foil one is really cool and shiny, would go well with most other colours. The pink has created a very even coat so it looks like I’ve used expensive polish, It’s a shame that this one was limited edition because I really like it.

Solid Shampoo?! Lush Trichomania Review

I recently got a solid shampoo from Lush, for those of you who don’t know of them they basically sell natural beauty products like face masks and soaps. I got the Trichomania one which is supposed to be very hydrating for hair and smells like coconut. It’s supposed to be used on dry, curly or frizzy hair. The idea of using a solid bar for shampoo seemed kind of odd, but then I thought about how shampoo and soap are kind of the same product anyway and it didn’t seem so weird.


The wrapping for it was very cute and was a nice little touch that made it seem very special. This amount cost me around Β£6 (it’s done by weight) and the man at the shop told me it should last me about 3 months. It smells so amazing, like a really sweet coconut scent.


It looks a lot like hard cheese to me, kind of like Parmesan.

The way to use this bar is to rub it straight onto your hair. This does put me off it a bit. My hair is so thick that rubbing a solid bar on it makes me think it will just tangle and shampoo won’t cover it. Any tangles should be taken care of by conditioner but it still puts me off. Plus, if you have heavily dyed hair like me, sometimes rubbing a solid bar onto your scalp can be uncomfortable. Though it looks like the bar will become more soft with use.

I couldn’t really tell if the bar conditioned my hair more than my usual shampoo. I used a hair mask after which is what made my hair soft so I will be re-using thing product before I decide if it conditions my hair well or not. While washing it out my hair it did feel quite dry :/ Not sure if that’s just after washing with it or if it did dry my hair out though.

Will have to give this product more chances before deciding whether or not to re-buy it.

Have any of you tried solid shampoos? What have you thought?

Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish Review

I’ve wanted a magnetic polish for a long time and the other day I saw they had them at boots. ^-^


I got the Barry M polish in the colour Neptune Sea. Its kind of a metallic grey with blue glitter in it. It is a pretty colour and I don’t have any other shades like it. It comes with a magnet that creates a kind of cross effect. Other shades had different pattern magnets so you can mix and match if you get more colours.


This is what the polish looks like applied on before you hover the magnet over it. Its quite a nice silver/grey/blue colour. But the real effect is only shown after using the magnet.


After the magnet is held over it for a short amount of time it creates this pattern. I found using the magnet really fun πŸ™‚ and each nail can look slightly different depending on the position of the magnet. It’s really easy to use, and I would say Idiot-Proof except for the fact that I dipped the magnet into my wet nails a couple times πŸ˜› And on some nails the pattern didn’t show up as well. That may be due to uneven distribution of magnetic particles as I didn’t shake to bottle between nails.


I really like the final effect πŸ™‚ the nails dry pretty fast too. I definitely want to get another magnet and polish colour. This bottle cost me Β£4.99, but you do get quite a bit of varnish for that price. I think I still need some practice to perfect the technique, but I found it easy to get a really nice effect on my first try, and the colour catches the light really well.