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Bodyline Wishlist

In my last post about my goals for this year I mentioned how I wanted to get my first Lolita Outfit. I have been browsing sites ever since looking for that perfect first dress and my searches on Bodyline have come up with a huge list of things I would like! Unfortunately I can’t afford to get all of them just yet, hopefully I can be decisive enough to pick soon.Here is my Bodyline wishlist.

All pictures are used from the Bodyline site please click them if you wish to visit the page!


The Ice cream cones are so sweet and summery. And in case you were wondering, Yes that is Venus Angelic modelling for them. Her hair and make up are so adorable!


This skirt makes me hungry just looking at it!


A lovely girly skirt. Bodyline does have good blouses to go with all these skirts, they just aren’t included here for the sake of keeping this post a tolerable length.


Teddy bears are so snuggly looking :3 and I bet this skirt would go with so many things.


This skirts looks really high quality and has cute print. It has a slight sheen which usually looks cheap but I think it makes this skirt look more silky and glowing. Hopefully that’s still how it looks in person!


This looks super soft, and pretty warm. Though I’m not sure when I’d ever need to just warm my shoulders ;P It think it would look great with the pink teddy bear skirt!


These shoes look really dolly like and cute! I also read a review by a cute lolita blogger called Luna Rain saying she found them comfy,  (Click her name to have a peek at her blog)which is great because I’m such a wimp with umcomfortable shoes. I think my feet have skin like tissue paper or something >.<

Hopefully I will be updating you all with a review of a lovely outfit in a couple months! Damn indecisiveness >.<

*+*What are you planning for your next lolita (or gyaru) purchase?*+*


Guide to Finding Kawaii Clothing


Kawaii is the word for cute in Japanese. It’s a big thing over there and has seeped it’s way into their whole culture, just as how being seen as sexy has seeped it’s way into western culture. It has a relatively small following in the west of people who want to look cute rather than sexy, I personally love the kawaii style. It’s really girly and looks just lovely. The only issue is that since it isn’t so popular over here, finding clothes of that style can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know where to look.


Firstly, probably the way most of you are most familiar with shopping, the High Street. If you go with an open mind you can actually find some pretty good stuff. In general anything Pastel can probably work in a cute outfit, but dolly-like dresses will also look great.

If you go to a high street shop looking for something specific (Like a bear-eared powder blue fuzzy hoodie) you will almost definitely be disappointed. However, if you are just looking for clothes that can work in a kawaii style outfit then you have a reasonable chance of finding something. The same criteria also goes for Charity Shops too of course. (Which have the added bonus of being super cheap and for a good cause.)


Storenvy or Etsy are good options for online shopping. You can find a lot of stuff on Storenvy that’s straight from Japan or Korea, a lot of the time the store owner will basically act as the middle person for you and help you get the items from there. I personally think this is a lot less hassle then trying to figure out a shopping service that isn’t fluent in your first language, but you might have to pay more money for this convenience. Etsy is great for finding original handmade items that only you will have, (there a several shops like that on Storenvy too) and lots of store owners will make custom orders for you if you need a specific size or item.


eBay is probably my favourite option. You will have a hard time finding any brands on there but they do have cheap cute clothing that usually has reasonable shipping as well. If you can spend the extra time sifting through a bunch of random items you can find some really good stuff. It might take a while to arrive and be extra careful that you are sure what you are ordering before you get it, but all my experiences have been very good. When I have had a fault with items the seller has always been so kind and either sent me another or given me a full refund with no disputes. Obviously other people might have different experiences, but if you pay using PayPal you can file a claim to get your money back if the seller is not genuine.


TaoBao and Rakuten are basically the Chinese and Japanese versions of eBay. This means there is a lot more choice of clothing on there that would fit into Kawaii fashion and it’s mostly quite cheap. They even have some brands like DreamV (on Rakuten.) Sounds Ideal,  right? There are a few drawbacks.

Personally, I have never got the hang of TaoBao. It’s in Chinese and while you could use Google Chrome to translate the page, I would always be worried that the translation was inaccurate or there would be other problems because of that. I find Rakuten far easier to use, though it does tend to be the slightly more costly of the two. You will need to use a shopping service to buy from TaoBao, (and possbily Rakuten, I’m not sure) which might be hard to organise.

The biggest issue though is the huge cost of shipping internationally. You have to pay for the shopping service, shipping and customs which sometimes means people pay more for the delivery than the cost of the actual item. Be aware of these costs and be sure you would be willing to pay that much for the items.


There are lots of sites that sell Asian fashion or Kawaii clothing specifically that you can use. Such as Yesstyle. However I would be careful with any of these websites. Sometimes a website that looks promising may be a scam, so always check reviews. Sometimes the quality may not be good or there may be other issues with your order. You can find genuine sites that offer good quality and prices on their clothes, I have heard some good reviews about Yesstyle (but also some negative) but I haven’t heard enough about these sites to recommend any to you.

If you are into a specific type of kawaii style (like lolita or Gyaru) then there will be a bunch of sites that are great for you. (Such as Bodyline for Lolita.) (For my quick quide to hime gyaru brands click here) I just don’t have the space to write a guide for specific styles in this entry! If you google ‘where to buy gyaru/lolita/etc’ I am sure there will be lots of blog entries for you to read that will help! Hopefully I can make my own guide soon too!

Click images for sources

*~*Hope my guide has been helpful to you! Good Luck*~*

New Body Shop Purchases and Seaweed Clarifying Toner Review

I was looking on Body Shop recently because I really needed to find a toner and a moisturiser with SPF in it for summer. Plus, I love Body Shop skin care products and I wanted to try another one of their mask range! (The blue corn one I got was amazing, you can read my review here.)They had an offer on where if you spend £60 you get 50% off, as I already had £30 in my basket I thought I would use this offer to get £30 worth of free products. (Wooo!)


This was the parcel when it arrived. I did think that they used a too much packaging which was a bit of a waste, but at least it meant that everything got here safely and it felt really fun to open, like unwrapping a present.


Here is what I got. I went for the Seaweed range for both the toner and the mask. Even though I no longer have spot-prone skin, I think the range will suit me because my skin can be quite oily and I have some large pores that I want to reduce. (Not to mention that I am incredibly paranoid that my skin will become acne-prone again.)

I decided to try the Vitamin E moisturiser with SPF, because it should moisturise my dry patches of skin without being too greasy and heavy, and it had the best reviews of any of the other SPF moisturisers.

I wanted to find a new exfoliator too, so I am trying out their Vitamin C Microdermabrasion one. It smells really nice and fresh.

I got two massagers, a facial one and a ‘SpaFit’ body one. I am hoping that using these will improve circulation and that this will help remove toxins, which should prevent wrinkles and reduce cellulite.

The green bottle is a Grape seed glossing serum, hopefully It will smooth out my hair and make it less frizzy. It did have good reviews, but nothing seems to work on my hair. If it doesn’t do that then at least it will help moisturise it and make it smell nice too.

The final thing I got was the Seaweed Clarifying toner. I haven’t used a toner in a while and I felt it was missing from my skin care routine.


This bottle cost me £8, I felt that this was very reasonable since you do not need to use much and it’s still good quality. I find that some products (like the anti-acne ones aimed at teenagers) make my skin clogged and mean it breaks out (ironic, no?) so I didn’t want to risk using something like that even if it is a little bit cheaper.

The toner is a clear liquid, it has a very pleasant scent and I find it’s very refreshing. I really love using it, it makes my skin feel so clean. I find that when I use it, it does make my face feel cleaner and I do think that this has made it brighter and a little less oily. It hasn’t completely got rid of the shiny oily patches, but I think that if it did that it would dry out other parts of my skin.

As for their claim that it refines pores, I don’t think that mine look any smaller. (They are stubborn though.) However, my skin does look a bit smoother in places, although I may just be imagining that.

As I no longer have spots I cannot comment on their claim that it helps clear skin. I haven’t broken out from using it so it may be worth a try. I also don’t have particularly sensitive skin so I don’t know if it would be too harsh. It does feel strong when I use it but to me that just feels like it is cleaning rather than irritating my skin. They sell small travel bottles of it for £3 that you could test out if you don’t want to commit to a full bottle.

I would definitely get this toner again. I think that it is good value and it definitely does add something to my face washing routine, it feels like it helps to mop up anything my cleanser left behind.

*~*Do you use any of these products in your daily routine?*~*

Body Shop Haul


Today, My Boyfriend very kindly went out to get a soothing eye mask for me after I woke up with massively swollen eyelids O.o He went to the Body Shop and also picked me up some other goodies! I will most likely be reviewing some of these things soon.

First is the eye mask itself. It is filled with a sort of gel. You put it into the fridge or freezer for a bit and it cools down. I have already used it and found it to be extremely soothing. It also did help to reduce the puffiness quite a bit. It can also be warmed up by leaving it in hot water. My boyfriend liked how it felt too!

Next thing was the Vitamin E Serum. I have never used a skin serum before and I thought it would be good to try this one. Especially since there was a offer on skin care products. You apply it before moisturiser, it is for all skin types.

I also got a Blue Corn 3 in 1 mask. This is supposed to be good for normal/oily skin. It is meant to cleanse, exfoliate and purify. The reviews for it are really good.

The skin care offer meant that I got a cocoa butter body butter for free! (Yay! Free stuff.) This stuff smells amazing (better than chocolate! >.< ) and I cannot wait to try it out. It is used for dry skin. I was surprised by how big the amount we got was, since it was free.

We also got a Cucumber and Mint shower gel for free because we got a body shop card. This also smells really lovely and it’s a big bottle. Very fresh and clean scented, which hopefully means it should wake us up when we take early morning showers.

Overall I was very impressed with the Body Shop. I always have loved the shop but I haven’t been in ages. The offers on were very generous and we got plenty of discount vouchers for 20-30% off our next shops, the card means a 10% discount anyway. We got a 20% discount off this shop just because it was between the 7-20th of February. In the UK we rarely get discounts and offers this good, most places tend to be quite stingy compared to other countries (Like the USA) so this was a really nice change. The actual products look really amazing too!

Some popular Hime Gyaru brands

While I have never been to japan to experience the Hime Gyaru culture for myself, I have been told that some hime gyarus are quite picky with brands when shopping. I myself don’t think that brand is important when dressing hime gyaru, and I know that many other Hime Gyarus probably feel the same. Obviously, you don’t have to be wearing one of these brands to be hime gyaru. Though that being said I do think some of the brand clothing is just adorable and would love to wear it. Thankfully, all the brands have some very decent sales, so one day I may be able to afford some stuff from it XD Here is an outline of some of the more popular brands ~


La Pafait

I see La Pafait pictures come up a lot on Tumblr, they have some really cute dresses, and I find it very easy to find pieces that are more obviously Hime Gyaru on their website than some of the other brands. It is very pink and princess-like. Which does make it easy to put together a Hime Gyaru outfit that matches and is true to the style. I would assume that this makes it quite an easy start point for beginners, as with all Hime brands it’s rather pricey. Shop is here


Jesus Diamante

Jesus Diamante is one of the more famous brands. I find it looks more high-class than some other brands do. The designs are a more grown up than La Pafait. The prices here are ridiculously high. I would guess that the average of prices here is higher than the other brands. All of the dresses I have found just browsing it now have cost quite a bit over £200! While I definitely think their clothes are lovely, and I would love to own some, I just can’t justify buying anything from there anytime soon. I reckon this is part of what makes it so desirable amongst Hime Gals, the price tag that’s fit for a Princess. Shop is here



Looking on the Ma*rs website, I struggled to find much that was the classic pink and Princess-y style of Hime Gyaru, until I found Himena Osaki’s range she has made through them, called Princess Melody. A lot of the other Ma*rs stuff could be worn as Hime Gyaru, I find much of it is just less obvious. Princess Melody has some really adorable things :3 Some of the winterwear in particular. It’s also on the pricey side, but they often have good sales on so you may be able to find a good bargain. Shop is here


Liz Lisa

Liz Lisa is amazing, the clothes just all look so cute and pretty :3 Very feminine and soft. I imagine lots of it could be worn in a Hime outfit or just as standard clothing. While I wouldn’t call it cheap, it seems to be on the less expensive side of Hime brands, and they also have some very tempting sales on. ❤ Shop is here

*~*Hope you’ve enjoyed my guide to some famous Hime Gyaru brands.*~*

Shopping In Camden


Though Camden is known for its punk, metal and vintage clothing, it also has a surprising number of lolita or gyaru shops. I really love shopping here. Some of the shops are so cute, and I also love wearing punk/rock style clothing. If you find yourself there, find SaiSai, it has a huge range of gothic lolita clothing and also some pink antaina shoes I have my eye on 😛 Other shops have a more sweet lolita or gyaru style to them, such as this shop called Vanilla. Though its pretty pricey 😦Image

This is the first picture of things I got 🙂 A big warm soft jumper, it’s one size fits all as it’s supposed to be baggy, with an adorable panda face on. I hardly have any winter clothes so this will be really useful for the freezing cold of the next few months. I also got a soft kitty PJ top, It was pretty cheap as the guy said he would take money off the top my boyfriend was buying if I got something too.


I also got a white lace dress from this really cute shop, they even gave me a really nice bag to carry the dress in ^-^ This dress is definitely more for summer so I might not be able to wear it for a few months. I think the majority of the shop was all Lily J clothes, there is some nice stuff online too.


Ok, so this wasn’t from camden. I have a gift card for accessorize and spent it at the one in the train station (after a yummy dinner of sushi :3 ) They have a 70% off sale on a few of their items, else I would never have got the bracelets and some of the rings due to their price. It looks like I’ve gone for a floral/natural theme here. I really like the weird colour of the clear bracelet, its kind of blue and white and clear and pinky. Very unusual, haven’t seen anything like it before. Also got some two finger rings because I haven’t worn one before and they look cool. Haven’t decided what to name the elephant on my necklace yet though. Maybe Armando? He looks a bit like an Armando.