About Me

Hiya, My name is Ami. I love all things fashion and beauty. I adore cute dolly styles, and I also love Hime Gyaru, Agejo, Fairy Kei, Lolita, Decora and all things cute. I wouldn’t identify myself with just one style because I love so many and I mix aspects from lots of different styles to create the look I want, though I like doll-like or fairytale-like looks the best. I am currently a student at university in the UK studying Neuroscience.

Loves: Clothes, Make-Up, Dancing, Animals, Soft Toys, Cute Nail Art, Dessert, Dressing Up, Aerial Sports, New Stuff, Guitar, Vegetables, Rainbows, Unicorns.

Hates: Mushrooms, Getting Injections, Spiders.

Hope you like my blog πŸ™‚




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