Monthly Archives: April 2014

New AP Release – Sweetie Violet


This is the new Angelic Pretty print that was released this weekend. It’s called Sweetie Violet and as you can see above (picture belongs to Angelic Pretty, click on it to visit their website!) it features lots of pretty flowers! It is available in Navy, Sax, Pink and a purple (lilac?) colour. I think this print is very beautiful and could fit with different lolita sub-styles, though I think it lends itself well to a sweet (but perhaps not OTT) look.

I love the cut of the OP in this series, it is the same as the Misty Sky OP (one of my favourite dresses) but I think the cut of the jsk and the skirt is lovely too. It is quite a simple cut which I think prevents it from stealing attention from the print and the blouse or accessories paired with it. This should also make it a reasonably easy print to work into a gorgeous looking outfit.

What do you think of this print? Are you planning to get it?