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Goals for 2014!

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted up here. I hope that all of you had totally wonderful holidays and that 2014 will be your best year yet!

Every year I set myself a “resolution” to change, and I have never yet stuck to it past about February, let alone the whole year! Yes, my power of self control is incredibly weak.

So this year I have decided to set myself some goals of what I would like to do this year, I wonder how many I will have done by next year!

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1) Get the front splits.


I do several different sports that this would benefit (ballet, aerial hoop etc.), plus it looks awesome! I’m a couple of inches off now, I think this is pretty realistic to do this year!I have several other move based goals within these sports but I think it would make for a boring blog post if I went through them all!)

2) Start learning to drive. I didn’t learn at school because it was during my most important exam year, which was stressful enough, and I was also taking medication that affected my eyesight (not a great side effect to have for driving I imagine.) I have no need to drive anywhere at the moment, but it will be easier to learn now then many years time when I’m working.


3) Try the curly girl method for washing my hair, I will do a blog post about it once I try it for a while, hopefully to tell you about it’s huge success! If you want to find out more about the method just click the picture above!

4) Make my first YouTube video. I’ve been meaning to start vlogging for ages, just need to take the plunge and see what I think!

5) Post here at least once a month! This one you all can see if I keep! I love blogging but the last few months I have found it so hard to fit in with university. Once a month is enough time for me to make (hopefully) interesting posts without being rushed and I should be able to fit that in!


6) Make a piece of clothing. At the moment I have my eye on making a baby pink PVC skater skirt, Hopefully it will turn out well! I am not the neatest seamstress but things always seem to just about work out in the end. If it goes well I may make my 2015 goal to open a Storenvy to sell clothes I make on!

7) Do an outfit or make-up look or hair style that takes effort at least once a week. The stress of studying has made me very lazy this past term. I’m hoping that forcing myself to wear more cute clothes will make me happier and more excited about the day ahead.


8) Get my first lolita outfit. I have loved the lolita style for 6 years now, but I have never taken the plunge and got myself an outfit. Hopefully I can save up and get my first this year! It won’t be expensive brand items, but TaoBao has some amazing stuff if I can figure out using a shopping service.

9) Get more cute, co-ordinating everyday outfits to wear. Kind of links to making an effort more, I’m looking to order some cute clothes from Rakuten soon I hope!


10) Learn to do a fishtail braid. Those things look so cool! I just can’t quite seem to get the knack for it. This year will be my good hair year!

11) Sleep more! I am the worst at following a normal sleep pattern. I stay up late then want to sleep the whole day. I get so little sleep in the week at university that sometimes I start hallucinating. Hopefully with my lighter workload this term I can kick my nocturnal sleep habits once and for all, allowing me to function in human society!

I am hoping I will manage to do all of these things by next year! I will post pictures of myself doing splits if I manage it, to show you my new found bendy noodle legs.

What are your goals/resolutions for this year? Are you hopeful you will achieve them?