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Sunday Style Inspiration!: Sui Princess

My second Sunday Style Inspiration post! This one is about a blog I have followed for quite a while now, one of the first Hime Gyaru blogs I found. Sui Princess (aka Alina) is from Germany, she dresses Hime Gyaru, Hime Kaji and sometimes her outfits can have lolita inspirations to them. She has recently married her American Boyfriend, I wish them both the best! ^-^

You can read her blog here, and her Tumblr (where I found all these pictures of her) is here.


I love her make up here! The hair looks great too πŸ™‚


Here she is with a much more Lolita-esque look.


She has such pretty Shoes! Also I love the Giant Unicorn! I really want one too.


Here she is with a Hime Gyaru look. That bag is just adorable! Plus I really love her hair here too.

She does her style really well. She always looks really immaculate and well-groomed. Her hair must take so much work everyday!

*~*Hope you have enjoyed my Second Sunday Style Inspiration! See you next week for another one!*~*


What is Agejo fashion?

I haven’t found much on word press about Agejo at all, which I find quite surprising as it is reasonably well known in the gaijin gyaru world. (I have no idea how common the style is in Japan itself.) The term Agejo came from Ageha magazine, which is a famous Gyaru magazine. Because it’s origins are from a gyaru magazine, the look itself is very gyaru. It has many similar aspects, the main difference I have found is that Agejo has aspects similar to Lingerie. Such as stockings, garters or corset lacing, while gyaru looks do not tend to include that.

The make up, nails and hair are pretty much the same as Gyaru (as far as I can tell anyway.) They also use circle lenses. Agejo girls also seem to share the same love of Decoden on everything as Gyaru do, and there is often massive overlap between clothing brands.

Once aspect of Agejo fashion is that it is very common in host clubs in Japan. Being Agejo may make people assume that you are a hostess, even when some girls aren’t.

Here are some examples of Agejo fashion:



Note the use of stockings and garters? The top girl is also wearing what looks like a Babydoll. Obviously not all Agejo girls will dress like this all the time, I’ve seen quite a lot of pictures of girls in long dresses too, but one thing all the girls have in common is that they look very glamorous.

MA*RS Spring collection 2013

I’ve done some snooping through the new Spring collection on the MA*RS website, I find a lot of the actual MA*RS stuff isn’t something I would wear really, and this collection is no exception. There are some items that are just lovely though. I have taken all images off the MA*RS online shop, just click on the picture to go to that item. If you want to browse the new collection click here.


First up is this dress, the colours are really striking and pretty, and I do like the look of the fabric. The shape just isn’t something I would personally wear. It must be impossible to hide your bra strap at the back.


I do really like this dress. It has the same lovely material as the last one, but I find the shape much nicer and also the little pink underskirt is really cute. This is definitely something I could see myself wearing. It looks like it would be great if you were going for a more dark look, or for a change from pastel colours.


I really like Hime Gyaru style, so obviously I have to show something from Princess Melody (Brand by Himena Osaki.) I tend to find this brand has a lot more stuff I would wear anyway, it very princess-like and cute. This dress looks perfect for summer days in the park.

*~*Hope you have enjoyed my quick sum up of the new MA*RS collection, I may do some other brands soon too!*~*

New Dungarees!

I am so excited for summer, I have already gone and bought some Dungarees from New look πŸ˜› It’s too cold to wear them for another couple months 😦 But they were so cute I couldn’t resist!

I also got some essentials (I was practical for a change!) like a multi-pack of vest tops, since I wear them so often, and also some socks. I got some stocking tights too that I can wear with dresses and the dungarees to make the outfits a bit warmer. Plus stocking tights are awesome!


I also got some accessories in their buy one get one free sale! I got a bracelet stack and a hand chain. They both go with each other really well, and I like the floral feel about them. It’s nice and summery, but also good for spring. The pearls are a nice touch too. I usually only get silver jewellery, so it will be strange trying to co-ordinate with gold for once.


The only thing is I got a medium hand chain since I had no idea what size I was, and I thought they would have to accommodate for children/tweens too. But it looks like I actually needed the small :/ It still fits so I will still wear it (as I can’t exchange it easily) but for future I will get the smaller option so the chain has a little more tension in it.

*~*Are you all getting ready for summer too?*~*

Body Shop Vitamin E Serum Review

I got this Serum several days ago. Originally, I thought I would leave it a week or so before reviewing it, but since it’s already started to work I thought I may as well do my review now.


This serum costs Β£11, so for the 30ml bottle it is quite expensive. But there are usually lots of deal on at the body shop and having a loyalty card gives you a 10% discount already. Plus a small amount of this serum really does go a long way. My skin is very much a combination, it can be very oily but I also get some dry patches. I find this serum to be lightweight enough to not make me too oily or give me spots, but it is strong enough to soften out my dry patches. It has not got rid of all my dry skin, but it does feel a lot softer and more hydrated already, which is good for just under a weeks use.

I have used this serum once a day and I have only been using small amounts. The texture of it is really strange, I was worried it would be too heavy but it’s more like a really light gel. Kind of water-y? It’s easy to spread over your face, though it can feel a little sticky. The stickiness does go away as soon as it dries (which is does in like a second) or after applying moisturiser.

I would definitely recommend this product. It has smoothed my skin really nicely, and it feels nice and fresh when you apply it.

I don’t know if it would be suitable for somebody with very dry skin or if they would need something stronger. Though I do have some oily areas of skin, I still can’t vouch for it’s use on extremely oily spot-prone skin, though it doesn’t feel like it clogs up my skin it’s probably not advisable for somebody with that skin type to layer serum with moisturiser as it may be too heavy.

*~*Hope this review has helped*~*

Want! Scented Shoes by Melissa

My friend today showed me her awesome canvas shoes. They are raspberry scented! We looked really weird sniffing her shoes. But seeing hers has really made me want some scented shoes. (Hopefully some as comfy as hers)

Unfortunately I don’t think they are available where she got them from anymore. But while researching about it online I found another make that make adorable plastic shoes. They remind me of shoes I would wear as a kid, and the best bit? They smell like Bubblegum!They are by a brand called Melissa. It look like they teamed up with Vivienne Westwood at one point too.

Here are some Melissa Shoes:


This shoe is from their Vivienne Westwood collaboration. I do like the look of the chain.


I love these shoes! These are a work of art! cannot afford though πŸ˜₯

Melissa also have a “younger sister” brand. This brand is a lot more affordable, and the designs look more simple, yet childish and fun. The younger sister brand is called Mel.

Here are some of their shoes:


These shoes remind me a bit of Lolita, it’s something I can definitely see in a Sweet Loli co-ord. I can also see it in other outfits too, maybe Hime Gyaru.


These pumps look so comfy and summery! I want to wear these to a picnic in the park.


I am seriously considering getting these! They’re Β£35 at the moment. They look so comfy for heels, and the little bow is adorable.

Sorry for the absence of non-pink shoes, they do have lots of other colours too (the wedges are also in blue, white and black for example.) I just like Pink πŸ˜‰

The Images for the Melissa shoes are from this shop, and the Mel shoes are from this shop. All these shoes plus some others are available there.

I really want some of these shoes >.< Hope I can justify buying a pair soon. I love scented stuff. Unfortunately the scent does not last forever, but it should last a few months.

Sunday Style Inspiration: Violet LeBeaux

I have decided that every sunday I will try to do a post on somebody who I has a style I like. I’m hoping that this will become a regular thing I do πŸ™‚ I think it would be fun to spread some more positivity around (especially on a sunday since gyaru secrets are posted today) and will also inspire me and others to develop our own styles more.

This week I will be talking about Violet LeBeaux. She has a blog here and she also has a YouTube channel. I think she is from Australia. I really love how cute her fashion is, she sometimes has a Hime Gyaru look but she always looks like she is just wearing her own style, Which I think is how it should be πŸ™‚ I really like her hair and she has some really cute dresses. She has lots of craft tutorials on her blog and YouTube about how to basically cute-ify or make things.

Here are some pictures I’ve found of her (click for original sources) I hope they will inspire you to πŸ™‚

violet lebeaux




To me it looks like some of her hair styles were inspired by the 40s, which I think was a really good era for hair.

*~*Hopefully See you again Next Sunday with another Style Inspiration!*~*