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Beauty & Fashion fanatic. Lover of all things cute, dolly and fairytale-like. Likes Hime Gyaru, Agejo, Fairy Kei, Lolita and Decora.


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Sorry that this isn’t a real post :/ I have only just finished my exams and that has kept me so busy!


New AP Release – Sweetie Violet


This is the new Angelic Pretty print that was released this weekend. It’s called Sweetie Violet and as you can see above (picture belongs to Angelic Pretty, click on it to visit their website!) it features lots of pretty flowers! It is available in Navy, Sax, Pink and a purple (lilac?) colour. I think this print is very beautiful and could fit with different lolita sub-styles, though I think it lends itself well to a sweet (but perhaps not OTT) look.

I love the cut of the OP in this series, it is the same as the Misty Sky OP (one of my favourite dresses) but I think the cut of the jsk and the skirt is lovely too. It is quite a simple cut which I think prevents it from stealing attention from the print and the blouse or accessories paired with it. This should also make it a reasonably easy print to work into a gorgeous looking outfit.

What do you think of this print? Are you planning to get it?

Favourite Lolita Brand – Angelic Pretty

I think everyone has clothing brands that they have a special place in their heart reserved for. For lolita, mine is Angelic Pretty. My dream dress list could have the majority fulfilled with a giant, debt inducing shopping spree there (If they happened to re-release all my favourites at once!). So I have decided to do a post showing you why I love Angelic Pretty! It will show my (more recent) dream prints from them, so it will be biased towards the style I like. They also do some more gothic style stuff too!

All Images belong to Angelic Pretty, though I had to find some via tumblr/other blogs! I have linked where I found the Image so click the pictures for that (since most the dresses are no longer in stores.)


Melody Toys

This is their newly released print. I chose the high waist JSK to show you here because it’s my favourite of the series! I just love the cute detail on the top of the dress and those ruffles around the sleeves. This one is still being sold on Angelic Pretty (I found it on the European Site) so snap it up now while you still can! Though beware it does cost about Β£150!


Misty Sky

I was annoyed that I didn’t get myself the Light Blue JSK when I had the money saved up, but I left it too late! 😦 Hopefully they will do another re-release at the exact point I have money again πŸ˜‰ For those of you that dislike lolita shapes of dresses, Black Milk did a very similar print for a skater dress (see here) that you may be able to find someone selling since unfortunately it has sold out! I find the cloudy blue sky print so charming and relaxing. The floaty material of the AP dress is so lovely too.


Romantic Rose Letter

Another one that I didn’t decide I liked enough on time to get! My favourite was the skirt, I wasn’t a fan of the shapes of the top halves of this set. The print is lovely though, as is suggested by the name, it is very romantic. I would have loved to wear it with lots of floral hair accessories. The socks are really cute too. I love the ballet-style ribbon effect.


Sugar Hearts

The JSK is my favourite, it’s just such a cute print and I love the shape and the flowy light fabric. I think it would be really great in summer. I could make a ton of cute love heart jewellery to go with this, along with matching nails.

Ok so now I have shown you my favourite brand and why, what is your favourite? What would be your dream print from there? I would love to hear from you all πŸ™‚

Bodyline Wishlist

In my last post about my goals for this year I mentioned how I wanted to get my first Lolita Outfit. I have been browsing sites ever since looking for that perfect first dress and my searches on Bodyline have come up with a huge list of things I would like! Unfortunately I can’t afford to get all of them just yet, hopefully I can be decisive enough to pick soon.Here is my Bodyline wishlist.

All pictures are used from the Bodyline site please click them if you wish to visit the page!


The Ice cream cones are so sweet and summery. And in case you were wondering, Yes that is Venus Angelic modelling for them. Her hair and make up are so adorable!


This skirt makes me hungry just looking at it!


A lovely girly skirt. Bodyline does have good blouses to go with all these skirts, they just aren’t included here for the sake of keeping this post a tolerable length.


Teddy bears are so snuggly looking :3 and I bet this skirt would go with so many things.


This skirts looks really high quality and has cute print. It has a slight sheen which usually looks cheap but I think it makes this skirt look more silky and glowing. Hopefully that’s still how it looks in person!


This looks super soft, and pretty warm. Though I’m not sure when I’d ever need to just warm my shoulders ;P It think it would look great with the pink teddy bear skirt!


These shoes look really dolly like and cute! I also read a review by a cute lolita blogger called Luna Rain saying she found them comfy,Β  (Click her name to have a peek at her blog)which is great because I’m such a wimp with umcomfortable shoes. I think my feet have skin like tissue paper or something >.<

Hopefully I will be updating you all with a review of a lovely outfit in a couple months! Damn indecisiveness >.<

*+*What are you planning for your next lolita (or gyaru) purchase?*+*

Goals for 2014!

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted up here. I hope that all of you had totally wonderful holidays and that 2014 will be your best year yet!

Every year I set myself a “resolution” to change, and I have never yet stuck to it past about February, let alone the whole year! Yes, my power of self control is incredibly weak.

So this year I have decided to set myself some goals of what I would like to do this year, I wonder how many I will have done by next year!

Click pictures for sources.

1) Get the front splits.


I do several different sports that this would benefit (ballet, aerial hoop etc.), plus it looks awesome! I’m a couple of inches off now, I think this is pretty realistic to do this year!I have several other move based goals within these sports but I think it would make for a boring blog post if I went through them all!)

2) Start learning to drive. I didn’t learn at school because it was during my most important exam year, which was stressful enough, and I was also taking medication that affected my eyesight (not a great side effect to have for driving I imagine.) I have no need to drive anywhere at the moment, but it will be easier to learn now then many years time when I’m working.


3) Try the curly girl method for washing my hair, I will do a blog post about it once I try it for a while, hopefully to tell you about it’s huge success! If you want to find out more about the method just click the picture above!

4) Make my first YouTube video. I’ve been meaning to start vlogging for ages, just need to take the plunge and see what I think!

5) Post here at least once a month! This one you all can see if I keep! I love blogging but the last few months I have found it so hard to fit in with university. Once a month is enough time for me to make (hopefully) interesting posts without being rushed and I should be able to fit that in!


6) Make a piece of clothing. At the moment I have my eye on making a baby pink PVC skater skirt, Hopefully it will turn out well! I am not the neatest seamstress but things always seem to just about work out in the end. If it goes well I may make my 2015 goal to open a Storenvy to sell clothes I make on!

7) Do an outfit or make-up look or hair style that takes effort at least once a week. The stress of studying has made me very lazy this past term. I’m hoping that forcing myself to wear more cute clothes will make me happier and more excited about the day ahead.


8) Get my first lolita outfit. I have loved the lolita style for 6 years now, but I have never taken the plunge and got myself an outfit. Hopefully I can save up and get my first this year! It won’t be expensive brand items, but TaoBao has some amazing stuff if I can figure out using a shopping service.

9) Get more cute, co-ordinating everyday outfits to wear. Kind of links to making an effort more, I’m looking to order some cute clothes from Rakuten soon I hope!


10) Learn to do a fishtail braid. Those things look so cool! I just can’t quite seem to get the knack for it. This year will be my good hair year!

11) Sleep more! I am the worst at following a normal sleep pattern. I stay up late then want to sleep the whole day. I get so little sleep in the week at university that sometimes I start hallucinating. Hopefully with my lighter workload this term I can kick my nocturnal sleep habits once and for all, allowing me to function in human society!

I am hoping I will manage to do all of these things by next year! I will post pictures of myself doing splits if I manage it, to show you my new found bendy noodle legs.

What are your goals/resolutions for this year? Are you hopeful you will achieve them?

New Cute Arpakasso backpack


As the new academic year has started I thought I could treat myself to a super cute rucksack to carry notepads and stationary in. Obviously, I love Arpakasso so I found a rucksack in pink on eBay! I know lots of people are worried about ordering Arpakasso online, but I can recommend the seller I used, Rosy61987 (Shop here)


When the package arrived it was safely packed in a brown envelope. When I opened the envelope I found this. Notice the cute little free gift parcel that was attached? Little cute touches like that really make a seller seem more friendly and personal.


The cute little gifts included some matcha candy, a cute usamimi style hairband, a little pony figurine and some adorably festive halloween stickers.

Sorry if the colour balance is a little off in some of these pictures. My flat has horribly yellow lighting so I tried to edit away some of the yellow-ness so everything was a bit less orange.


I have a couple of Arpakasso, but I am by no means a hardcore collector so to be honest with you I probably couldn’t tell a fake from a real, but I haven’t heard of people receiving fakes from this seller and mine definitely did look very official so I am pretty sure it is the real deal.


This is the back of the backpack to show you what the straps are like. The whole rucksack is extremely soft and fluffy, like I could use it as a pillow in the library very happily… not that I would ever do that though πŸ˜‰

It is a little smaller than I expected, but I can still fit what I need to into it which is great. However, if you need to carry in huge heavy books then I don’t know if this would fit them easily. It’s definitely a sturdy feeling bag and all the stitching appears to be a high quality, but it doesn’t look like it is designed to hold that much weight.

I can definitely recommend both this rucksack and the seller. This is my new favourite bag!

*~*Thank you for reading! Do you have a favourite bag?*~*

Guide to Finding Kawaii Clothing


Kawaii is the word for cute in Japanese. It’s a big thing over there and has seeped it’s way into their whole culture, just as how being seen as sexy has seeped it’s way into western culture. It has a relatively small following in the west of people who want to look cute rather than sexy, I personally love the kawaii style. It’s really girly and looks just lovely. The only issue is that since it isn’t so popular over here, finding clothes of that style can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know where to look.


Firstly, probably the way most of you are most familiar with shopping, the High Street. If you go with an open mind you can actually find some pretty good stuff. In general anything Pastel can probably work in a cute outfit, but dolly-like dresses will also look great.

If you go to a high street shop looking for something specific (Like a bear-eared powder blue fuzzy hoodie) you will almost definitely be disappointed. However, if you are just looking for clothes that can work in a kawaii style outfit then you have a reasonable chance of finding something. The same criteria also goes for Charity Shops too of course. (Which have the added bonus of being super cheap and for a good cause.)


Storenvy or Etsy are good options for online shopping. You can find a lot of stuff on Storenvy that’s straight from Japan or Korea, a lot of the time the store owner will basically act as the middle person for you and help you get the items from there. I personally think this is a lot less hassle then trying to figure out a shopping service that isn’t fluent in your first language, but you might have to pay more money for this convenience. Etsy is great for finding original handmade items that only you will have, (there a several shops like that on Storenvy too) and lots of store owners will make custom orders for you if you need a specific size or item.


eBay is probably my favourite option. You will have a hard time finding any brands on there but they do have cheap cute clothing that usually has reasonable shipping as well. If you can spend the extra time sifting through a bunch of random items you can find some really good stuff. It might take a while to arrive and be extra careful that you are sure what you are ordering before you get it, but all my experiences have been very good. When I have had a fault with items the seller has always been so kind and either sent me another or given me a full refund with no disputes. Obviously other people might have different experiences, but if you pay using PayPal you can file a claim to get your money back if the seller is not genuine.

TaoBao and Rakuten are basically the Chinese and Japanese versions of eBay. This means there is a lot more choice of clothing on there that would fit into Kawaii fashion and it’s mostly quite cheap. They even have some brands like DreamV (on Rakuten.) Sounds Ideal,Β  right? There are a few drawbacks.

Personally, I have never got the hang of TaoBao. It’s in Chinese and while you could use Google Chrome to translate the page, I would always be worried that the translation was inaccurate or there would be other problems because of that. I find Rakuten far easier to use, though it does tend to be the slightly more costly of the two. You will need to use a shopping service to buy from TaoBao, (and possbily Rakuten, I’m not sure) which might be hard to organise.

The biggest issue though is the huge cost of shipping internationally. You have to pay for the shopping service, shipping and customs which sometimes means people pay more for the delivery than the cost of the actual item. Be aware of these costs and be sure you would be willing to pay that much for the items.


There are lots of sites that sell Asian fashion or Kawaii clothing specifically that you can use. Such as Yesstyle. However I would be careful with any of these websites. Sometimes a website that looks promising may be a scam, so always check reviews. Sometimes the quality may not be good or there may be other issues with your order. You can find genuine sites that offer good quality and prices on their clothes, I have heard some good reviews about Yesstyle (but also some negative) but I haven’t heard enough about these sites to recommend any to you.

If you are into a specific type of kawaii style (like lolita or Gyaru) then there will be a bunch of sites that are great for you. (Such as Bodyline for Lolita.) (For my quick quide to hime gyaru brands click here) I just don’t have the space to write a guide for specific styles in this entry! If you google ‘where to buy gyaru/lolita/etc’ I am sure there will be lots of blog entries for you to read that will help! Hopefully I can make my own guide soon too!

Click images for sources

*~*Hope my guide has been helpful to you! Good Luck*~*